What Can Animated Video Do For You?

Animated video can effectively explain your message while also bringing in more traffic to your site. Here’s the bullet points!:

  • Animated video can explain things very well.  If you’ve been having trouble explaining what you do, a one to two minute explainer video can solve this.  Text and words can only go so far; a video with images, narration, and animation can go further.
  • Video can increase conversion rates.  This means that people visiting your site are more likely to respond to your site’s call to action – whether that’s a product order, free-trial sign up, or a simple phone call from your prospective client – if you have a video there.  Don’t believe us? Check out these case studies here and here.
  • Animation combines visual and aural learning.  Visuals reinforce spoken word, and vice-versa.  Animation is the perfect vehicle for mixing images and words, and subsequently for addressing both visual and verbal retention styles.
  • Animated video is unique. While video is seemingly everywhere, animation is less so.  Stand out from the crowd with a unique and memorable animated video.

Let’s talk about how animated video can specifically help your message.  Please contact us today!