How Does Getting an Animated Video Work?

The animated videos that we produce at Topic Simple don’t just come out of thin air!  We work with clients in a planned step-by-step process to ensure a successful final video:

Step 1 – Getting to Know You… Part A

We ask you questions about your business or product, and what you want the video to be about.

Step 2 – Getting to Know You… Part B

With our scrupulous note-taking from Step 1, we generate some ideas to share with you.  Here we formulate a general direction and creative framework for your video.

Step 3 – The Script

Now that we’re on the general same page, we go to work on a script – literally writing the words that will be narrated in your video. You suggest changes and we don’t move forward until you’re happy happy happy!

Step 4 – The Style

So… what’s it gonna look like?  With you we will discuss and decide upon a look and feel, and then we’ll put pen to paper and  develop 2 complete ‘style frames’ that show you exactly what how the visuals in the final animation are going to be.

Step 5 – Voiceover

With the script set we look for the best professional voiceover for your message.  Don’t worry, we’ll show you lots of examples before deciding on the best one.

Step 6 – The Storyboard

The storyboard is the script with pictures!  Rough drawings ‘map out’ your video so you can literally ‘see’ where its going to go.  Again, we make sure we are on the same page with you before proceeding to…

Step 7 – Animation

This is the funnest (and longest) part for us.  We sit down with storyboard and voiceover in hand and go about bringing those drawings to life!

Step 8 – Final bits

There should be no huge surprises here because we carefully followed Steps 1 to 6.  Nonetheless we want to show you the full video, and get your feedback. When you’re happy we add some cool sound effects and then present you with your final animated video.


With timely feedback along each step, the above process takes about 4-8 weeksContact us to get the ball rolling on your own video!