Using Humor in your Videos


While not always necessary, humor can be an effective element to add to your video.  Animation in particular lends itself to this.  At Topic Simple, we enjoy thinking about and adding “funny parts” to many of the videos that we do for the following reasons:

  • It’s fun!
  • It can keep things light (read: prevent boredom)
  • Humor can ‘pace’ a video and keep the viewer wanting more
  • Why not have the human mind associate positive energy with your product/business/startup?

Let’s look at some examples:

First, our in our own promo video, there are at least forty-seven a few humorous moments. Mostly this is through the use of anthropomorphism which is a big word that essentially describes the act of making inanimate objects ‘come alive’.  We did it by adding legs and occasionally arms to the word ANIMATE and also to some recording equipment.  A 1980’s ghetto blaster that grows legs and runs away… what’s not to love.  Ha!

Next, let’s look at Grumo Media‘s promo video for a service called Time Dog. With a name like Time Dog and a cute doggy logo to match, its probably hard to NOT add a few funny bits. The dog (with superhero cape) flying quickly across the screen at the end provides a well-timed laugh that leaves us wanting to go and learn more:

Next, lets look at a real-life style video for a taxidermist business – and admittedly in this case animation probably would not have worked as well here.  This is because the ‘gag’ is that the taxidermy is so good that nobody can tell the difference between real and ‘stuffed’ animals.  While hilarious, this is a legit business and Ojai Valley Taxidermy has really done well since this video ‘went viral’.  Take a look:

Contact us here to find out about getting a video for your product or business.  Whether its funny or not, we are always serious about doing great demo videos.


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