Topic Simple Launches – Press Release

Hamilton, Ontario
November 1, 2011


Hamilton, Ontario artist and animator Steve Newberry has officially launched Topic Simple; an animation studio that focuses on creating animated videos for your ‘product, idea, business, or startup’.

After spending the last 3 years producing over 30 short explanatory animations within the educational industry for such clients as TVO (Ontario Public Television) and TVOKids, Steve decided to expand his practice and focus on creating animations for businesses and startups.

“Startups are at the cutting edge of business and of innovation.” says Steve, “they are essentially the inventors of today, and because their product is so unique, it needs to be explained, and explained properly!”

For Steve, explaining something ‘properly’ means an animation that gets to the heart of the matter in a condensed amount of time, by utilizing a carefully-crafted combination of visuals and voice to tell a great story that stays far away from ‘mumbo-jumbo’.

“It’s an exciting time in the animation and internet worlds right now.  Bandwidths have gone up and video is becoming more and more common on the web.  Search engines like Google have picked up on this and are ranking video higher on their searches.  And people click on those video links because they would quite simply rather watch video!”

From initial idea to script, storyboard and through to a final original animation, Steve and the group behind Topic Simple are experts in creating easy-to-understand animated videos that effectively get your message across.

Get in touch with Topic Simple here.

Topic Simple Makes Animated Videos!

Topic Simple Explaining YOUR MESSAGE

Topic Simple Makes YOUR MESSAGE simple

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