Top 5 Myths About Animation

As we deal with animation every day, but work with clients that don’t deal with animation every day, we often come across some of the same misconceptions about animating and the animation process in general.  Here we talk about the Top 5:

1.  Animation is Easy

Ha!  Its a process that is enjoyable to us, but we know its no walk in the park to come up with a story, characters, and then animate them individually in a cohesive video that stays entertaining and on message. Take a look behind-the-scenes here as we scroll through a single second of one of our animations.

2.  Animation is Quick

As we deal in animated videos that are usually no longer than 3 minutes, the end product is definitely quick, but the process leading up to it is not.  It takes about 5 weeks to properly create a script, storyboard, visual images, and a final animation.

3.  30 extra seconds isn’t a big deal

30 seconds seems so quick and easy right? Wrong. Believe it or not, 30 seconds is roughly an extra week of work on any animation.

4.  Animating starts right at the beginning of a project.

Nope.  Except for adding sound effects, animating is actually the last step.  Animation is process intensive, so it would be a bad idea to just start animating from the get go.  For example, let’s say we did just start animating and the client then didn’t like characters, or the animation ‘style’.  We would have to redraw (and then reanimate) everything from pretty much scratch.  Not very streamlined, is it?   Because of this we follow a step-by-step process that spends a lot of time planning out the animation in the beginning stages.

5.  Voiceover is done at the very end

After a script and storyboard are agreed upon, voiceover is the first thing that happens even previous to starting to animate.  Timing is crucial in animation, so its important to have the correct voice narration driving your animation right from the beginning.

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