Top 10 ‘Other’ Uses for an Explainer Video

Everyone wants to go viral. Or so we thought.

Topic Simple was started in part when we noticed that the kinds of animations our people had been making for years were finding a new home as ‘explainers’ on the web. Some of these explainers even went ‘viral': getting many views and shares, and being talked about in social circles on the web.

However, since we  launched we’ve found that while viral videos grab headlines, many of our clients have different motives and there are many ‘other’ reasons to get an animated explainer video:

1. A Lead Off For a Presentation or Meeting - Got an idea that needs explaining? We’re sure you can talk for hours about it, but why not lay the groundwork with a short and snappy video that will educate AND entertain!

2. To Get Funding - You have the next great thing but it’s complicated… and who has time to read your explanatory emails? Take the next step and SHOW people your idea.  As the saying goes, ‘you gotta spend money to make money’.

3. Product Demonstration or How-To Videos - You’ve sold your product, but people are wondering how to use it at a more in-depth level. Or how to fix it.  An animated video can lead the way here (and cut down on service calls and inquiries in the process).

4. Internal Training - Many of the videos we do don’t even see the light of day on our portfolio or the web at large.  That’s because they’re being used for Internal Training (and who wants to give away their training secrets?!).  Video-based training is effective and can create a consistent experience across all trainees regardless of geographic location.

5. Education! - We’ve created lots of educational videos.  From helping to educate kids on geography, to dealing with complex subject matter like HTML5 that we felt needed explaining better.

6. As Part of a Larger Video Strategy. – With video climbing up the the SEO ladder, and YouTube now the 2nd largest search engine on the web, many organizations are starting to consistently utilize video to connect, explain, and bring in traffic to their websites.

7. Recruitment Video - Good staff is hard to find? Grab some attention and explain your company to potential employees with an animated video.

8. Trade Shows & Conferences – You’re spending a lot of money to go to these things, but what differentiates you from the others? How can you lure people in or explain your product to several people at one time? (Hint: the answer is video!)

9. A Device for Resellers - You’ve created the product, but you don’t sell it.  An animated video will also start your resellers own meetings off with a bang. We’ve even subtly modified the same video several times depending on the resellers’ needs.

10. Miscellaneous - Videos that just don’t fit in anywhere else! For example we’ve worked on TV commercials and are currently animating for a Movie Theatre Pre Roll.




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  1. Anish Patel says:

    Great article! I think the focus of too many companies is to “go viral”, but they miss out on all that they can do with video. Fantastic list!

  2. Krishna says:

    awesome post!

    Not only u create good videos but also great images like the one above

    How was it created ?

    • Topic Simple says: (Author)

      Our videos are created with a lot of hard work and creativity! In terms of programs, we generally use Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, After Effects, and sound editing software.

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