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At Topic Simple, we love to learn and are constantly striving for better ways to make great Animated Explainer Videos.  In the Internet age it is an ongoing challenge to update yourself to new technologies, applications, and other ways of doing things.  To help us along, one of the devices we employ here are good ol-fashioned books!

We’ve blogged previously about utilizing both Flash AND After Effects in some of our work, but here are some of the books we have around the office that have helped us integrate both of those applications into our animations:

Flash + After Effects, Second Edition: Add Broadcast Features to Your Flash Designs

Chris Jackson

Although it doesn’t go super in-depth, this is a great book that talks transitioning both from Flash to After Effects and also from After Effects to Flash.  Not just for animation, the book includes tips on integrating live video as well.


Foundation Flash Cartoon Animation

Barry Kelly, Tim Jones, David Wolfe, Allan Rosson

A great book that dives into creating Flash ‘cartoons’ from the ground up.  This book really helped to alter the ways we set up our own animation projects and work flow.  Also includes an introduction on moving your Flash animations to After Effects.


How to Cheat in Adobe Flash CS5

Chris Georgenes

A beautifully-made full-color book that goes into the nitty gritty of how to do specific cool things in Flash (for example how to make fire look like fire or make a globe rotate).  Was a little disappointed that the animation samples on the CD were ‘locked’ and therefore non-changeable (because true learners love to tinker!) but we understand that artist’s want to protect their original work.



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