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At Topic Simple we love simple so much that we included it in our company name.

Contrary to popular belief, simple is a lot of work! Often the most difficult part of putting together an animation happens in the early stages when we begin to break down an idea and extract its essence. There is often so much to say about a particular company, product, or idea that it can take several hours or days just to decide which elements of a story should be included and which elements should be left out.

In celebration of simplicity we’ve put together some videos that we really enjoy. They aren’t all animated, but they all effectively use – in some way or another – an approach they conveys minimalism, simplicity, and ease.

1) Cadbury’s Gorilla Ad

While the make-up alone in this well-known 2007 ad is obviously a mountain of work, the approach is 100% simple: A single camera slowly pans out on a single subject during a seemingly excruciatingly long build-up to an awesome finale.


2) Google Wave Explainer

A well known video in the animated explainer world by Epipheo, this animation features hand-drawn marker doodles that come to life on several pages of a simple sketchbook. Beautiful from start to finish, it manages to perfectly convey the essence of a new kind of product without resorting to multiple backgrounds, angles, or crazy graphics.


3) Mac vs. PC “Out of the Box” Ad

The very popular Mac vs. PC ads took simplicity of metaphor to a new level. What better way of promoting that your product is good to go “out of the box” than to have the Mac guy ready to go right out of an actual box. Brilliant.


4) Google Chromebook Ad

Back to you Google. Chromebooks don’t need software, which makes them simple. Simple products should have simple ads, and this short and funny ad hammers home just how easily they do a complex thing like backing up your computer.


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    In the coaeticmlpd world we live in, it’s good to find simple solutions.

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