Our Design Story

Topic Simple hired Poly to create our awesome logos.  While we consider ourselves pretty darn good at animation and “graphics that move” (motion graphics if you will!), we wanted to go to the specialists when it came time to deal with the intricacies of design & branding.

With our logos, we wanted to convey the combined sensibilities of professionalism, simplicity (We are called Topic Simple after all!), and fun.  Not necessarily an easy task, but the final result of our primary ‘wordmark’ logo was great:

Topic Simple Wordmark Logo by Poly

We really liked Poly’s suggestion of using coral red (its not pink!) as the primary color.  There’s an understated playfulness and originality to the color which we think echoes our own message and brand perfectly.

For a secondary ‘icon’ logo, we decided pretty early on to integrate the initials ‘T’ and ‘S’ from our name, but it took a little more work to decide just how to do that.  First, here’s some of the icons that didn’t make the cut:

Topic Simple Icon Logo History by Poly

The more circular icons seemed to go better with our Topic Simple “aura”, not to mention they provided some visual coherence with the dotted i’s from our wordmark logo.  Here is the evolution to our final icon:

Topic Simple Icon Logo History Part 2 by Poly
Closer… closer… got it! Love how the ‘thought bubbles’ give a sense of dynamic movement… upwards!


Looking for a great logo or website? Check out Poly here.

Why not get an animated video to put that logo on as well? Contact us here.




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