New Topic Simple Video: What is HTML5?

HTML is the base coding language that all websites are built with.  It has gone through many updates in its twenty-plus year history, but the latest – HTML5 – promises to be the biggest and best yet.  In development for quite some time, it is still not 100% finalized, but the newest versions of most of the browsers utilize at least some aspects of it.

But what exactly is HTML5 and what makes it so special? We sought to answer this question with our latest animated explainer video.  There are already several videos out there on HTML5, but many of them aren’t able to explain its essence in a short, concise, and entertaining way…  until now!  HTML5 is complex, so the video won’t answer all your questions, but it serves to introduce the subject nicely… enjoy!


What is HTML 5?

HTML is lagging behind Changes on the web

Calculator Watches!

HTML5 will bring consistency

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