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Springboard is an ‘accelerator’ program for International startups that  is located in the UK. Topic Simple was excited about the opportunity to develop a one-minute animated video that explained their program to potential applicants and other interested parties:

Springboard already had a great looking website that showcased a clean, minimal design and we needed to create an animation that didn’t detract from this too much.  We used their logo and minimal color scheme (black & white plus hot pink!) as a starting point and took it from there.  Their logo includes a pair of brackets and a semi-colon at the end like this – ( ); – which is a reference to a programming function.  The casual onlooker may not catch this, but developers and programmers – essentially those that would be applying to Springboard – would.  It was fun to utilize this function and expand it with different parameters that echoed what was being narrated and shown in the video at the same time.


Springboard Developers

Springboard Developers creating the NEXT BIG THING

Springboard Developers and Angel Investors


More information on the Springboard program, from their website:

Springboard is a mentorship-led accelerator program for startups.

We provide seed capital, office space and – most importantly – that magical ingredient of “smart-community” with mentors and other entrepreneurs.

Springboard comes in the shape of an intensive 13 week programme originally based at the inspirational ideaSpace, part of Cambridge University’s state-of-the-art Hauser Forum and is now in London from early 2012.

In 2009, Red Gate Software successfully debuted the programme – subsequently spinning it out to increase the number of teams and mentors involved – through the support of angel investors and NESTA.

It’s the product of our learning from other game-changing accelerator programs (specifically Y Combinator and TechStars in the US and the Difference Engine in the UK) and adapting them to fit an international environment.


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