New Topic Simple Video: iWebGate

Internet Security can be costly, confusing, and often ineffective. Well, iWebGate has created a new way to connect and protect. We were excited to put visuals to their revolutionary ‘Ghost Network‘ technology. We were also excited to work with robots, lasers, and actual firewalls!

Taking the animation lead on this project was the talented Andrew Foerster of Toronto.

Viruses can get by firewalls!

The Ghost Network

Networking and Collaboration Possibilities

Excerpt from the Video:

When your organization connects to the Internet, it’s directly linked to millions of other computer networks. You’ve added firewalls and other security products to try and stop harmful data packets or hackers from coming IN and OUT of your network.

You think you’re on top of it but you never really know because technically your network remains directly connected. Security for this traditional network architecture is often complex and expensive, inefficient for your remote employees and creates barriers for collaborating with other organizations.

Well, here’s a fresh idea that puts you in TOTAL control and changes your capabilities … forever. Install an additional computer network between your existing network and the Internet … we call it your Ghost Network!

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