Getting Your Videos Noticed

Most companies – especially new ones – struggle with how to “get the word out”.

Luckily we live era where at the click of a button you can publish a message that in effect the whole world can instantly have access too.  The problem is, how do you compete with the billions of websites that are already out there?

We are a little biased of course but we believe that you can separate yourself from the pack by using animated video to produce meaningful and entertaining content.

In an effort to showcase our animation skills and “get noticed”, Topic Simple has been creating some animated videos that do not have a specific client per se, but nonetheless speak about original subject matter in an engaging way.  Our latest video was on HTML5, and we created it because we saw that a) it was a confusing topic to many and b) there weren’t very many videos out there that explained the subject matter in a succinct and non-boring way.

As of now, the video “What is HTML5?” has been live on YouTube for 3 weeks.  After 2 weeks it only had a few hundred views, but just over a week ago it was featured on some prominent blogs, and things started to change… rapidly.

Here’s a closer look at the recent numbers:

 YouTube Action After Two Weeks After Three Weeks
Number of Views 470 13,310
Number of Likes 7 243
YouTube Rank Position for search term “What is HTML5?” 7 1
YouTube Rank Position for search term “HTML5″ unranked 32
Number of Overall Channel Subscriptions 6 96

While 13,000 views isn’t competing with Justin Bieber just yet, we think its pretty good for a subject like HTML5.  Let’s face it, its pretty geeky stuff!

It’s worth noting that traffic to our own site increased ten fold within the last week as well, mostly due to the increased popularity of this same video!

The lesson in all of this?

Well-made and informative animated videos can be used to increase awareness of your product or message, and significantly improve traffic to your website as well. 

Need a video to help explain what you do?  Contact us to get the process rolling.



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