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Our Design Story

Topic Simple hired Poly to create our awesome logos.  While we consider ourselves pretty darn good at animation and “graphics that move” (motion graphics if you will!), we wanted to go to the specialists when it came time to deal with the intricacies of design & branding.

With our logos, we wanted to convey the combined sensibilities of professionalism, simplicity (We are called Topic Simple after all!), and fun.  Not necessarily an easy task, but the final result of our primary ‘wordmark’ logo was great:

Topic Simple Wordmark Logo by Poly

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New Topic Simple Video: Springboard

Springboard is an ‘accelerator’ program for International startups that  is located in the UK. Topic Simple was excited about the opportunity to develop a one-minute animated video that explained their program to potential applicants and other interested parties:

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Calling All Animators

Topic Simple was excited to be featured this week in a business article in the Hamilton Spectator.  The article – ‘Calling All Animators‘ – discussed the emerging animation ‘scene’ here in Hamilton, Ontario.  Hamilton is a post-industrial city of about half a million people located on the southern shores of Lake Ontario.  It’s been working hard in recent years to expand beyond its manufacturing roots and has an emerging tech sector to show for it.

Four animation companies have set up shop here in the last 6 months alone!  Here’s a brief on each of them (in alphabetical order):

  • Chuck Gammage Animation Inc.: A smaller, artist-driven animation studio that works in a variety of styles creating animated series, full-length features, and commercial spots.
  • Huminah Huminah: Started with a studio in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Huminah Huminah has opened expanded to open a 2nd one in Hamilton.  They create 2D & 3D animation and games.
  • Pipeline Studios: Pipeline are a large production company that does 2D & 3D animation for the television, feature film and entertainment industries.
  • Topic Simple: Topic Simple helps businesses expand their web-presence with short and entertaining explanatory animations.
Photo of Topic Simple in the Hamilton Spectator 2012


Getting Your Videos Noticed

Most companies – especially new ones – struggle with how to “get the word out”.

Luckily we live era where at the click of a button you can publish a message that in effect the whole world can instantly have access too.  The problem is, how do you compete with the billions of websites that are already out there?

We are a little biased of course but we believe that you can separate yourself from the pack by using animated video to produce meaningful and entertaining content.

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Top 5 Myths About Animation

As we deal with animation every day, but work with clients that don’t deal with animation every day, we often come across some of the same misconceptions about animating and the animation process in general.  Here we talk about the Top 5:

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2011: The Year in Review


While Topic Simple only officially launched in November of 2011, the process leading up to the launch definitely took the better part of the year.  With this in mind we look back at the year that was:

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New Topic Simple Video: What is HTML5?

HTML is the base coding language that all websites are built with.  It has gone through many updates in its twenty-plus year history, but the latest – HTML5 – promises to be the biggest and best yet.  In development for quite some time, it is still not 100% finalized, but the newest versions of most of the browsers utilize at least some aspects of it.

But what exactly is HTML5 and what makes it so special? We sought to answer this question with our latest animated explainer video.  There are already several videos out there on HTML5, but many of them aren’t able to explain its essence in a short, concise, and entertaining way…  until now!  HTML5 is complex, so the video won’t answer all your questions, but it serves to introduce the subject nicely… enjoy!


What is HTML 5?

HTML is lagging behind Changes on the web

Calculator Watches!

HTML5 will bring consistency

Online Video Quotes and Stats

Video is becoming more popular and important on the web on a day-to-day basis, and we’re glad we’re not the only ones to have noticed this.  Crawling the internet here are some of our favorite quotes on the use of video on the web:

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Adding Captions to Your YouTube Videos

We recently added captions and subtitles to our videos on YouTube. These are essentially the written words of what is being spoken or narrated during the video. They show up on the bottom portion of the video and look like this:

Screen shot of a YouTube Topic Simple video with captions

There are three great reasons to add captions to your YouTube videos:

  1. Captions will make your videos accessible to those that are hard of hearing.
  2. Captions can now be translated easily by YouTube into other languages.
  3. Captions can improve your Search Engine Optimization, providing you add the transcription to your videos description section (more on that later).

Essentially, captions will expand your YouTube video’s potential audience, and we don’t need to explain why that’s a great idea!

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Introduction to Animated Videos

Check out this video we did up last week that combines ‘live video’ with animation and briefly talks about who we are and what we can do for you:

Sample Transcript from the Video:

“Topic Simple is an animation company that specializes in creating awesome online animations that can explain things for you.  So lets say you are a new company and you need to get the word out, or perhaps you are a not-so-new company and you have a product that you need to explain, or maybe even you’re designing a training course and you need to add a little bit of spice to it, animated video can really help to explain things effectively, accurately, and it can be a lot of fun as well.”