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New Topic Simple Video: AdFilms Movie Pre Roll

We were excited to create four short movie theatre pre rolls for AdFilms and bring Ellie D. – a walking and talking flashlight – to life.  Watch as she introduces the film, eats popcorn and trips over her own batteries!


Ellie D. getting ready to start the movie

Bright lights in a movie theatre can be distracting

New Topic Simple Video: Veggie Swap

Veggie Swap is an awesome online harvest exchange for food growers and food lovers alike.

Urban farming meets the web 2.0 (finally!) in this clean and minimal but colorful animation.


Veggie Swap Map of Vegetables

Veggie Swap Logo

Excerpt from the video:

Veggie Swap has an up to date listing of what members are growing in your area right throughout the year. You can swap what you have too much of for what you need. Or buy tasty homegrown produce directly from local growers, easily and securely online. But it’s not just fruits and veggies that can be swapped and bought. There’s many options like eggs, jams, plants, mulch, seeds, and even manure!