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New Topic Simple Video: What is Culture?

Having created animated videos for organizations in England, Australia, the U.S. and Canada, we can pretty easily state that our client base is world wide in scope.

This being said, our home base is Hamilton, Ontario, and recently we were pretty excited to have our first truly ‘local’ client.  The City of Hamilton’s Culture division was looking for a ‘conversation starter’ video that could raise awareness about the importance of Culture in Hamilton.  Assigned with the not-so-small task of defining what Culture does for a city and its peoples, we began a creative journey that would see us visually reconstruct an ‘imagined’ city of Hamilton, depicting over two dozen actual buildings and cultural references in the process:


The Cultural City of Hamilton - Closeup

Cultural City of Hamilton - Close Up

What is Culture?

Excerpt from the Video:

I live in this city. It has roads, clean water, electricity, police stations, hospitals, schools – but every city has these. What makes Hamilton different?

Well, this could be where Culture comes in. Let’s see… festivals & events, a thriving arts scene, stories and customs, a sense of history, cool architecture, creative talent, public art, and even outdoor places like parks, farms and waterfalls – these are all considered to be part of Culture.

All of these things create activity and buzz – a positive energy known as cultural vibrancy. And this vibrancy helps to build community, define neighbourhoods and make the place we live in have a unique identity.


New Topic Simple Video: How to Grow Potatoes in a Bucket

It’s official: Topic Simple has a side-project.

We’re still figuring out exactly what ScratchGarden will be, but we think it will have something to do with informative & fun educational videos.  Here’s are first attempt, an entertaining musical romp that tells you exactly how to grow potatoes in a bucket (because we know you were dying to know!):

Thanks to David Newberry for supplying the music on this one!

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Explaining Potatoes in a Bucket

Potatoes growing in a bucket

Buckets of Potatoes are Dancing!