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Simplicity in Action


At Topic Simple we love simple so much that we included it in our company name.

Contrary to popular belief, simple is a lot of work! Often the most difficult part of putting together an animation happens in the early stages when we begin to break down an idea and extract its essence. There is often so much to say about a particular company, product, or idea that it can take several hours or days just to decide which elements of a story should be included and which elements should be left out.

In celebration of simplicity we’ve put together some videos that we really enjoy. They aren’t all animated, but they all effectively use – in some way or another – an approach they conveys minimalism, simplicity, and ease.

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The Reviews Are In!

At Topic Simple, we love to learn and are constantly striving for better ways to make great Animated Explainer Videos.  In the Internet age it is an ongoing challenge to update yourself to new technologies, applications, and other ways of doing things.  To help us along, one of the devices we employ here are good ol-fashioned books!

We’ve blogged previously about utilizing both Flash AND After Effects in some of our work, but here are some of the books we have around the office that have helped us integrate both of those applications into our animations:

Flash + After Effects, Second Edition: Add Broadcast Features to Your Flash Designs

Chris Jackson

Although it doesn’t go super in-depth, this is a great book that talks transitioning both from Flash to After Effects and also from After Effects to Flash.  Not just for animation, the book includes tips on integrating live video as well.

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