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New Topic Simple Video: Springboard

Springboard is an ‘accelerator’ program for International startups that  is located in the UK. Topic Simple was excited about the opportunity to develop a one-minute animated video that explained their program to potential applicants and other interested parties:

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Calling All Animators

Topic Simple was excited to be featured this week in a business article in the Hamilton Spectator.  The article – ‘Calling All Animators‘ – discussed the emerging animation ‘scene’ here in Hamilton, Ontario.  Hamilton is a post-industrial city of about half a million people located on the southern shores of Lake Ontario.  It’s been working hard in recent years to expand beyond its manufacturing roots and has an emerging tech sector to show for it.

Four animation companies have set up shop here in the last 6 months alone!  Here’s a brief on each of them (in alphabetical order):

  • Chuck Gammage Animation Inc.: A smaller, artist-driven animation studio that works in a variety of styles creating animated series, full-length features, and commercial spots.
  • Huminah Huminah: Started with a studio in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Huminah Huminah has opened expanded to open a 2nd one in Hamilton.  They create 2D & 3D animation and games.
  • Pipeline Studios: Pipeline are a large production company that does 2D & 3D animation for the television, feature film and entertainment industries.
  • Topic Simple: Topic Simple helps businesses expand their web-presence with short and entertaining explanatory animations.
Photo of Topic Simple in the Hamilton Spectator 2012


Getting Your Videos Noticed

Most companies – especially new ones – struggle with how to “get the word out”.

Luckily we live era where at the click of a button you can publish a message that in effect the whole world can instantly have access too.  The problem is, how do you compete with the billions of websites that are already out there?

We are a little biased of course but we believe that you can separate yourself from the pack by using animated video to produce meaningful and entertaining content.

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Top 5 Myths About Animation

As we deal with animation every day, but work with clients that don’t deal with animation every day, we often come across some of the same misconceptions about animating and the animation process in general.  Here we talk about the Top 5:

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