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Introduction to Animated Videos

Check out this video we did up last week that combines ‘live video’ with animation and briefly talks about who we are and what we can do for you:

Sample Transcript from the Video:

“Topic Simple is an animation company that specializes in creating awesome online animations that can explain things for you.  So lets say you are a new company and you need to get the word out, or perhaps you are a not-so-new company and you have a product that you need to explain, or maybe even you’re designing a training course and you need to add a little bit of spice to it, animated video can really help to explain things effectively, accurately, and it can be a lot of fun as well.”


Animation is Hard!

Some people are often shocked when they hear that a one or two minute animated video can cost thousands of dollars.

Perhaps its because animations like ours seem so effortless (because they are so entertaining and well-done of course!)  Or perhaps its because many of us have lived through those (mostly bad) PowerPoint presentations that have built-in ‘animated’ features like flying bullet points and magical fade-outs that can be created at the click of a button.

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A Call for Original Ideas


This is a call for original, unique ideas.

Original ideas need explanation, because sometimes people don’t “get” them.
Original ideas need exposure, because they’re great ideas!

At Topic Simple we love original ideas, and we’d love to explain them using original animations.

Are you new company that wants to announce itself to the world? Does your company have a new product or method of business that needs a great explanation? Are you designing a training course that needs a little spice?

Animated “explainer videos” can really help to get your message across concisely and effectively.  If you have an original idea that needs explanation, we’d love to hear from you.

Using Humor in your Videos


While not always necessary, humor can be an effective element to add to your video.  Animation in particular lends itself to this.  At Topic Simple, we enjoy thinking about and adding “funny parts” to many of the videos that we do for the following reasons:

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Topic Simple Launches – Press Release

Hamilton, Ontario
November 1, 2011


Hamilton, Ontario artist and animator Steve Newberry has officially launched Topic Simple; an animation studio that focuses on creating animated videos for your ‘product, idea, business, or startup’.

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