New Topic Simple Video: AdFilms Movie Pre Roll

We were excited to create four short movie theatre pre rolls for AdFilms and bring Ellie D. – a walking and talking flashlight – to life.  Watch as she introduces the film, eats popcorn and trips over her own batteries!


Ellie D. getting ready to start the movie

Bright lights in a movie theatre can be distracting

New Topic Simple Video: Veggie Swap

Veggie Swap is an awesome online harvest exchange for food growers and food lovers alike.

Urban farming meets the web 2.0 (finally!) in this clean and minimal but colorful animation.


Veggie Swap Map of Vegetables

Veggie Swap Logo

Excerpt from the video:

Veggie Swap has an up to date listing of what members are growing in your area right throughout the year. You can swap what you have too much of for what you need. Or buy tasty homegrown produce directly from local growers, easily and securely online. But it’s not just fruits and veggies that can be swapped and bought. There’s many options like eggs, jams, plants, mulch, seeds, and even manure!

Top 10 ‘Other’ Uses for an Explainer Video

Everyone wants to go viral. Or so we thought.

Topic Simple was started in part when we noticed that the kinds of animations our people had been making for years were finding a new home as ‘explainers’ on the web. Some of these explainers even went ‘viral': getting many views and shares, and being talked about in social circles on the web.

However, since we  launched we’ve found that while viral videos grab headlines, many of our clients have different motives and there are many ‘other’ reasons to get an animated explainer video:

1. A Lead Off For a Presentation or Meeting - Got an idea that needs explaining? We’re sure you can talk for hours about it, but why not lay the groundwork with a short and snappy video that will educate AND entertain!

2. To Get Funding - You have the next great thing but it’s complicated… and who has time to read your explanatory emails? Take the next step and SHOW people your idea.  As the saying goes, ‘you gotta spend money to make money’.

3. Product Demonstration or How-To Videos - You’ve sold your product, but people are wondering how to use it at a more in-depth level. Or how to fix it.  An animated video can lead the way here (and cut down on service calls and inquiries in the process).

4. Internal Training - Many of the videos we do don’t even see the light of day on our portfolio or the web at large.  That’s because they’re being used for Internal Training (and who wants to give away their training secrets?!).  Video-based training is effective and can create a consistent experience across all trainees regardless of geographic location.

5. Education! - We’ve created lots of educational videos.  From helping to educate kids on geography, to dealing with complex subject matter like HTML5 that we felt needed explaining better.

6. As Part of a Larger Video Strategy. – With video climbing up the the SEO ladder, and YouTube now the 2nd largest search engine on the web, many organizations are starting to consistently utilize video to connect, explain, and bring in traffic to their websites.

7. Recruitment Video - Good staff is hard to find? Grab some attention and explain your company to potential employees with an animated video.

8. Trade Shows & Conferences – You’re spending a lot of money to go to these things, but what differentiates you from the others? How can you lure people in or explain your product to several people at one time? (Hint: the answer is video!)

9. A Device for Resellers - You’ve created the product, but you don’t sell it.  An animated video will also start your resellers own meetings off with a bang. We’ve even subtly modified the same video several times depending on the resellers’ needs.

10. Miscellaneous - Videos that just don’t fit in anywhere else! For example we’ve worked on TV commercials and are currently animating for a Movie Theatre Pre Roll.



Happy Holidays from Topic Simple!



New Topic Simple Video: Veeva Vault PromoMats

The life sciences industry is packed with docs – not doctors, but documents…!

Managing these documents can take a lot of time, effort, and human resources. Isn’t there a better way to keep track of everything easily at any time and in one place? Lucky for you, Veeva Vault is here with Vault PromoMats. Vault is the first cloud-based, regulated content management system built from the ground up for the life sciences industry.


Life Sciences Industry is full of Regulations

PromoMats is all in one place and accessible from wherever you are in the world.

Veeva Vault PromoMats on a cloud!

New Topic Simple Video: iWebGate

Internet Security can be costly, confusing, and often ineffective. Well, iWebGate has created a new way to connect and protect. We were excited to put visuals to their revolutionary ‘Ghost Network‘ technology. We were also excited to work with robots, lasers, and actual firewalls!

Taking the animation lead on this project was the talented Andrew Foerster of Toronto.

Viruses can get by firewalls!

The Ghost Network

Networking and Collaboration Possibilities

Excerpt from the Video:

When your organization connects to the Internet, it’s directly linked to millions of other computer networks. You’ve added firewalls and other security products to try and stop harmful data packets or hackers from coming IN and OUT of your network.

You think you’re on top of it but you never really know because technically your network remains directly connected. Security for this traditional network architecture is often complex and expensive, inefficient for your remote employees and creates barriers for collaborating with other organizations.

Well, here’s a fresh idea that puts you in TOTAL control and changes your capabilities … forever. Install an additional computer network between your existing network and the Internet … we call it your Ghost Network!

New Topic Simple Video: What is the 2012 DA14 ASTEROID?

Not a lot of people know this, but there is an asteroid (yes, an ASTEROID!) heading towards earth.  It’s supposed to come pretty close to earth (but just miss) in February of 2013.

So when not a lot of people don’t know about something, we think there’s no better way to spread the word than by animated video.  It’s even better when the animated video has retro-graphics and Chuck Norris.  Enjoy:

Chuck Norris Attacks the DA14 2012 Asteroid

The Earth and Asteroid Belt

The DA14 2012 Asteroid

Topic Simple Turns One!!!

It was twenty years ago today…

Just kidding.  It was actually one year ago today that Topic Simple officially launched.

In the year that has passed we have done some great work for great clients in Canada, Australia, England, and the U.S.  We’ve had our animated videos featured in some pretty prominent blogs, and we’ve even managed to garner 300,000 plus views on our YouTube Channel.

Launching a business is a lot of work, and there were some growing pains, but we love the challenge and look forward to the future and to telling many more great stories through animated video.


Topic Simple


New Topic Simple Video: Navy Health

While we primarily create animated videos for the web, it doesn’t mean we are not open to additional animated formats.  When the Australian Health Insurance provider Navy Health approached us to create a television ad, we jumped at the opportunity.

At just 15 seconds it was important to pack just enough information and action in to entertain and inform at the same time.  While obviously different than an explainer video, it nonetheless has many of the hallmarks of a lot of our work here at Topic Simple: a clean, simplistic approach, clear message, and moments that make you smile.


Navy Health - Costs are Rising!

Healthcare costs leaving you feeling "exposed"

Navy Health at the Hospital


Looking for an animated message for TV or the web? Contact us to get started!


New Topic Simple Video: What is Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)?

People with Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) have excessive worry about a variety of everyday problems for at least 6 months. With at least 3% of the population of the US having GAD, it is more common than you think. This being said, it is a subject that few people know about, and even less talk about. We hope that this short explanatory video will help to start the conversation more, and help those that may be suffering from it.

There is help out there.


Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Worry Tap

Help for GAD

GAD - There is help out there


Transcript from the Video:

So… Here’s my friend. He worries about things. Of course everybody worries, its natural. But this guy has got Generalized Anxiety Disorder – GAD – and he pretty much worries ALL the TIME.

You see, people with GAD have trouble turning their worrying & anxiety off…
There’s a sense of impending doom that terrible things will happen… even when there is little evidence that anything will actually turn out bad.
This constant and uncontrollable worry gets in the way of having a more normal day-to-day life and many experience physical symptoms like fatigue, muscle tension, insomnia, and mental tensions like concentration loss, nervousness, stress and ALL of this can contribute to an inability to go places or experience and enjoy things, and to simply be happy. And this turn wi—


There is help out there. There are methods to approaching and gaining control over your negative thoughts. You can look into support groups, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and possibly even medication. Talk to your Health Professional for more information.

Most of all know that you are not the only one that has this, it is more common than you think and that things can be done to help you cope.